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We have started a non-profit!

I have recently started a non-profit called Blue Kitabu ( The goal is to provide self-sustained education to children in developing countries. Our first focuses are in Ghana, Rwanda, and Kenya. The idea is that we want to work on a model that provides comprehensive education to these kids who would not otherwise have the chance, and we are attaching local business to the school so that it can sustain itself, and we will not have to continually try and support individual projects financially.

For example, the computer library at the school will be used as an internet cafe after school hours. The organic garden, where the children will learn how to grow their own food, will supply local markets.. etc...

Currently, we are building a school in Asebu Ghana for over 210 orphans and street children. We have raised about 50% of the $40,000 we need to finish the school!

If anyone is interested in an internship with us, or in helping us build this school and develop our model of self-sustainability, we would love your input and donations.

Here are two videos describing the project:

Asebu Free School Project: Foundation from Blue Kitabu on Vimeo.

Asebu from Blue Kitabu on Vimeo.

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Purchase These Images to Help the Children of the Rwaza Orphange

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